Dow Schofield Watts IT Advisory Services provides a partner-led service to private equity firms, banks, asset-based lenders and corporate entities. We focus on the crucial IT factors that affect decision making.

We offer buy-side and sell-side assistance including: IT due diligence; pre- and post-deal support; transitional service agreement preparation and management; separation planning and management; and transformation strategy preparation and execution.

Offering a bespoke service, we tailor to your timescales, IT environment complexity, risk appetite, and the potential impact of IT on overall deal viability.

Interim reviews identify key IT issues early, maintaining focus on critical areas and whether it is desirable to drill down on specific risk areas. Our summary reporting is concise and accessible, highlighting key factors to provide you with conclusions from the clear analysis.

IT Due Diligence

  • Provide buyers with an understanding of the target’s IT systems and organization
  • Identify factors that materially affect the value of the business or its ability to meet future goals
  • Analyse IT environments and organizations to asses their state, capabilities, risks and costs
  • Assess current costs, identify synergy and productivity opportunities to develop possible future cost models
  • Estimate transition timescales and one-time integration costs
  • Propose areas of potential operational improvement, showing where IT can do more to help the business

Full deal lifecycle services and beyond

  • Deal sign and close preparation
  • Review, negotiate and manage Transitional Services Agreements (TSA)
  • Detailed transition planning
  • Management and execution of carveout separation activities
  • Alignment of IT strategy to business strategy
  • Manging integrations into the buyer’s environment
  • Productivity and cost saving planning and execution
  • Planning and execution of long term transformation programmes